79-989. Employees retirement system; board of education; records available.

The board of education shall have available records showing the name, address, title, social security number, beneficiary records, annual compensation, sex, date of birth, length of creditable and noncreditable service in hours, standard hours, and contract days, bargaining unit, and annual contributions of each employee entitled to membership in the retirement system and such other information as may be reasonably requested by the board of trustees regarding such member as may be necessary for actuarial study and valuation and the administration of the retirement system. This information shall be available in a timely manner to the board of trustees upon request.

Source:Laws 1951, c. 274, § 11, p. 917; R.S.1943, (1994), § 79-1042; Laws 1996, LB 900, § 624; Laws 2016, LB447, § 27.