Nebraska Revised Statute 79-9,117

Chapter 79


Board of trustees; establish preretirement planning program; for whom; required information; funding; attendance; fee.

(1) The board of trustees shall establish a comprehensive preretirement planning program for school employees who are members of the retirement system. The program shall provide information and advice regarding the many changes employees face upon retirement, including, but not limited to, changes in physical and mental health, housing, family life, leisure activity, and retirement income.

(2) The preretirement planning program shall be available to all employees who have attained the age of fifty years or are within five years of qualifying for retirement or early retirement under their retirement systems.

(3) The preretirement planning program shall include information on the federal and state income tax consequences of the various annuity or retirement benefit options available to the employee, information on social security benefits, information on various local, state, and federal government programs and programs in the private sector designed to assist elderly persons, and information and advice the board of trustees deems valuable in assisting employees in the transition from public employment to retirement.

(4) The board of trustees shall work with any governmental agency, including political subdivisions or bodies whose services or expertise may enhance the development or implementation of the preretirement planning program.

(5) The costs of the preretirement planning program shall be charged back to the retirement system.

(6) The employer shall provide each eligible employee leave with pay to attend up to two preretirement planning programs. For purposes of this subsection, leave with pay means a day off paid by the employer and does not mean vacation, sick, personal, or compensatory time. An employee may choose to attend a program more than twice, but such leave shall be at the expense of the employee and shall be at the discretion of the employer. An eligible employee shall not be entitled to attend more than one preretirement planning program per fiscal year prior to actual election of retirement.

(7) A nominal registration fee may be charged each person attending a preretirement planning program to cover the costs for meals, meeting rooms, or other expenses incurred under such program.