Nebraska Revised Statute 79-9,115

Chapter 79


Employees retirement system; Class V School Employees Retirement Fund; created; use; expenses; payment.

(1) All allowances, annuities, or other benefits granted under the Class V School Employees Retirement Act, and all expenses incurred in connection with the administration of the act, except clerical work incurred in connection with maintenance of records and payment of benefits, shall be paid from the Class V School Employees Retirement Fund which is hereby established. Such clerical work shall be performed by employees of the school district or districts. The administrator and staff of the retirement system shall be permitted reasonable office and records storage space in the central office building of the Class V school district formed before September 13, 1997. All expenses for the retirement system office accommodations and integrated pension benefit information management systems, including all services, support, furniture, and equipment provided to or by any central office department of the school district, shall be charged to the retirement system. The school district or districts shall not be liable for acts or omissions in the administration of the act made at the direction of the board of trustees or its employees.

(2) Beginning on August 24, 2017, any expenses with respect to the transfer to and assumption by the council and the state investment officer of the duty and authority to invest the assets of a retirement system provided for under the Class V School Employees Retirement Act shall be charged to the Class V School Employees Retirement Fund. Such expenses shall be paid without the approval of the board of trustees.