79-9,107. Employees retirement system; funds; investment; violations; penalty.

The funds of the retirement system which are not required for current operations shall be invested and reinvested (1) before January 1, 2017, by the board of trustees subject to the approval of the board of education or Class V Retirement System Board as provided in sections 79-9,108 to 79-9,111 and (2) on and after January 1, 2017, by the council and the state investment officer in accordance with the Nebraska State Funds Investment Act without the approval of the board of education or board of trustees. Except as otherwise provided in the Class V School Employees Retirement Act, no trustee and no member of the board of education shall have any direct interest in the income, gains, or profits of any investment made by the board of trustees, nor shall any such person receive any pay or emolument for services in connection with any such investment. Neither the state investment officer nor any trustee, member of the board of education, nor member of the council shall become an endorser or surety or in any manner an obligor for money loaned by or borrowed from the retirement system. Any person who violates any of these restrictions shall be guilty of a Class II misdemeanor.

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