79-862. Commission; clerk; duties; additional personnel.

The commission shall, with the advice and consent of the Governor, appoint a clerk of the commission who shall hold office at the pleasure of the commission. The clerk shall, under the direction of the chairperson of the commission, keep a complete and accurate record of the proceedings of the commission, record all pleadings and other papers filed with the commission, issue all necessary notices and writs, superintend the business of the commission, and perform such other duties as the commission directs. The clerk shall not be a member of the commission and shall not participate in hearings before the commission except to schedule and make other arrangements for the conduct of hearings.

The commission may also appoint or retain such other persons as it may deem necessary for the performance of its functions and shall prescribe their duties, fix their compensation, and provide for reimbursement of their expenses as provided in sections 81-1174 and 81-1177 within the amounts available in the budget of the commission.

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