79-814.02. Conditional permit; when.

An applicant subject to a criminal history record information check shall be issued a conditional permit prior to receipt by the commissioner of criminal history record information of the applicant, which conditional permit shall be valid for up to one year, if the applicant signs a statement that identifies all crimes of which the applicant has been convicted and the commissioner determines the applicant to be of good moral character and meets all other certification requirements. An applicant's conditional permit is void upon a final determination that the applicant does not meet the requirements for issuance of a certificate. The applicant may request a hearing regarding the denial of a certificate or permit as provided by the rules and regulations adopted pursuant to section 79-808.

For purposes of this section, a determination is final upon issuance of a final decision on appeal or upon expiration of the time in which the applicant may request a hearing without such hearing being requested.

Source:Laws 2003, LB 685, ยง 15.