Nebraska Revised Statute 79-8,139

Chapter 79 Section 8,139



(1) Each eligible institution shall file an annual report with the department for the Attracting Excellence to Teaching Program and the Enhancing Excellence in Teaching Program for any fiscal year in which the eligible institution receives funding to distribute to students pursuant to either or both of such programs containing such information as required by rule and regulation. On or before December 31 of each even-numbered year, the department shall submit a report to the Governor, the Clerk of the Legislature, and the Education Committee of the Legislature on the status of the programs, the status of the borrowers, and the impact of the programs on the number of teachers in shortage areas in Nebraska and on the number of teachers receiving graduate degrees in teaching endorsement areas in Nebraska. The report submitted to the Clerk of the Legislature and the committee shall be submitted electronically. Each report shall include information on an institution-by-institution basis, the status of borrowers, and a financial statement with a description of the activity of the Excellence in Teaching Cash Fund.

(2) Any report pursuant to this section which includes information about borrowers shall exclude confidential information or any other information which specifically identifies a borrower.