Nebraska Revised Statute 79-8,106

Chapter 79


Epidemics; teachers' salaries; duty to pay; injury leave; workers' compensation benefits; requirements.

(1) In case of epidemic sickness prevailing to such an extent that the school or schools in any school district shall be closed, teachers shall be paid their usual salaries in full for such time as the school or schools shall be closed.

(2) If an employee of a school district is physically injured by another individual who intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily injury to such employee and such injury occurs within the employee's scope of employment in a manner that would be covered by the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act, the employee shall receive injury leave and be paid their usual salary in full for such time as the employee is absent and unable to work as a result of such injury not to exceed seven calendar days. Thereafter, the employee shall use workers' compensation benefits as necessary and available in accordance with the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act, except that no additional compensation shall be paid to an employee for any day for which such employee has already been paid for injury leave pursuant to this section.

(3) Injury leave pursuant to this section shall not count against any other leave the employee accrues as a result of working for such school district. A school district may require confirmation from a physician regarding the causation and the period of time for which an employee is unable to work in determining the applicability of injury leave, and such school district may withhold injury leave until such confirmation is provided.


Cross References

  • Nebraska Workers' Compensation Act, see section 48-1,110.