79-704. Biennial secondary course offerings; authorized; when.

(1) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (2) of this section, any school board of a school district or any governing authority of a private school may establish alternating biennial secondary course offerings, not to exceed one course in each of four subject fields as designated by such board or governing authority, as part of the total instructional units provided each school term for the purpose of meeting minimum annual criteria for accreditation under sections 79-318 and 79-703. Reporting of biennial course offerings which are to receive annual instructional unit credit in meeting accreditation standards shall be on forms prescribed by the State Department of Education.

(2) For school year 2009-10 and each school year thereafter, a school board of a school district shall not establish an alternating biennial secondary course offering in any subject area for which the State Board of Education has adopted content standards pursuant to section 79-760.01.

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