79-609. Pupils; transportation; buses; capacity; instruction in safe riding practice; emergency evacuation drills; occupant protection system; operator wear.

(1) The school board or board of education, after consultation with a member of the Nebraska State Patrol, shall determine the number of passengers that may be safely transported in each bus.

(2)(a) Any company or agency that provides transportation of pupils by school bus and contracts directly with the pupils or their parents, (b) the school board or board of education of the public schools, and (c) the governing authority of any private, denominational, or parochial school in this state shall provide, at least twice during each school year to each pupil who is transported in a school bus, instruction in safe riding practice and participation in emergency evacuation drills.

(3) The operator of a school bus equipped with an occupant protection system as defined in section 60-6,265 shall wear such system whenever the vehicle is in motion.

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