79-5,108. Board of education of Class VI school district; student's attendance at accredited high school outside of state; payment of tuition; when; appeal.

(1) When the parent or guardian of a student subject to the provisions of this section applies in writing, the board of education of any Class VI school district maintaining an accredited high school may pay the regular high school tuition or such portion thereof as may be agreed upon by the respective governing bodies for any student residing in such school district and attending a school district outside this state when such high school outside this state is located at least ten miles closer to the place of residence of such student than the school maintained by such Class VI school district and when, in the opinion of the board of education, the best interest of such student or such Class VI school district may so require.

(2) Any parent or guardian of such student who is aggrieved by a decision of the board of education may appeal such decision to the State Board of Education, the decision of which shall be binding.

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