79-442. State committee; plan of reorganization; public hearings; notice.

Before any plan of reorganization is completed or approved by the state committee, it shall hold one or more public hearings. At such hearings, it shall hear any and all persons interested with respect to (1) the merits of proposed reorganization plans, (2) the value and amount of all school property of whatever nature involved in the proposed action, (3) the amount of outstanding indebtedness of each district and proposed disposition thereof, and (4) the equitable adjustment of all property, debts, and liabilities among the districts involved. The state committee shall keep a record of all hearings in the formulation or approval of plans for the reorganization of school districts. Notice of such public hearings of the state committee shall be given by publication in a legal newspaper of general circulation in the county or counties in which the affected districts are located at least ten days prior to such hearing.

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