79-419. Districts; creation from other districts; petition; contents.

(1) When a new district is to be created from other districts as provided in section 79-413, the petition shall contain:

(a) A description of the proposed boundaries of the reorganized districts;

(b) A summary of the terms on which reorganization is to be made between the reorganized districts, which terms may include a provision for initial school board districts or wards within the proposed district for the appointment of the first school board and also for the first election as provided in section 79-451, which proposed initial school board districts or wards shall be determined by the State Committee for the Reorganization of School Districts taking into consideration population and valuation, and a determination of the terms of the board members first appointed to membership of the board of the newly reorganized district;

(c) A map showing the boundaries of established school districts and the boundaries proposed under any plan or plans of reorganization;

(d) A separate statement as to whether the reorganization is contingent upon the success of a bond election held in conjunction with the reorganization;

(e) An affidavit from the county clerk or election commissioner regarding the validity of the signatures on the petition; and

(f) Such other matters as the petitioners determine proper to be included. Any petition for the creation of a new Class VI district shall designate whether such district shall include high school grades only, grades seven through twelve, or grades six through twelve.

(2) A petition under subsection (1) of this section may contain provisions for the holding of school within existing buildings in the newly reorganized district and that a school constituted under this section shall be maintained from the date of reorganization unless the legal voters served by the school vote by a majority vote for discontinuance of the school.

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