79-408. Class IV school district; boundaries; body corporate; powers; retirement plans; restrictions.

The territory now or hereafter embraced within each incorporated city of the primary class in the State of Nebraska that is not in part within the boundaries of a learning community, such adjacent territory as now or hereafter may be included therewith for school purposes, and such territory not adjacent thereto as may have been added thereto by law shall constitute a Class IV school district, except that nothing in this section shall be construed to change the boundaries of any school district that is a member of a learning community. A Class IV school district shall be a body corporate and possess all the usual powers of a corporation for public purposes, may sue and be sued, and may purchase, hold, and sell such personal and real estate and contract such obligations as are authorized by law. The powers of a Class IV district include, but are not limited to, the power to adopt, administer, and amend from time to time such retirement, annuity, insurance, and other benefit plans for its present and future employees after their retirement, or any reasonable classification thereof, as may be deemed proper by the board of education. The board of education shall not establish a retirement system for new employees supplemental to the School Employees Retirement System of the State of Nebraska.

The title to all real or personal property owned by such school district shall, upon the organization of the school district, vest immediately in the school district so created. The board of education shall have exclusive control of all property belonging to the school district.

In the discretion of the board of education, funds accumulated in connection with a retirement plan may be transferred to and administered by a trustee or trustees to be selected by the board of education, or if the retirement plan is in the form of annuity or insurance contracts, such funds, or any part thereof, may be paid to a duly licensed insurance carrier or carriers selected by the board of education. Funds accumulated in connection with any such retirement plan, and any other funds of the school district which are not immediately required for current needs or expenses, may be invested and reinvested by the board of education or by its authority in securities of a type permissible either for the investment of funds of a domestic legal reserve life insurance company or for the investment of trust funds, according to the laws of the State of Nebraska.

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