Nebraska Revised Statute 79-4,123

Chapter 79 Section 4,123


Plan of reorganization; contents.

After one or more public hearings have been held, the state committee may approve a plan or plans of reorganization pursuant to the Learning Community Reorganization Act. Such plan shall contain:

(1) A description of the proposed boundaries of the reorganized districts and a designation of the class for each district;

(2) A summary of the reasons for each proposed change, realignment, or adjustment of the boundaries which shall include, but not be limited to, an explanation of how the plan complies with any statutory requirements for learning community organization and an assurance that the plan does not increase the geographic size of any school district that has more than twenty-five thousand formula students for the most recent certification of state aid pursuant to section 79-1022;

(3) A summary of the terms on which reorganization is to be made between the reorganized districts. Such terms shall include a provision for initial school board districts or wards within the proposed district, which proposed initial school board districts or wards shall be determined by the state committee taking into consideration population and valuation, a determination of the number of members to be appointed to the initial school board for Class II and III school districts, and a determination of the terms of the board members first appointed to membership on the board of the newly reorganized district;

(4) A statement of the findings with respect to the location of schools, the utilization of existing buildings, the construction of new buildings, and the transportation requirements under the proposed plan of reorganization;

(5) A map showing the boundaries of established school districts and the boundaries proposed under any plan or plans of reorganization; and

(6) Such other matters as the state committee determines proper to be included.