79-4,103. Advisory committees; created; members; terms; duties.

An advisory committee shall be created for each affiliated high school district. The advisory committee shall be composed of three school board members selected by all the school board members of the Class I school districts with which such Class II, III, IV, or V district is affiliated. The superintendent of the affiliated high school district shall call a meeting of all the school board members of such Class I school districts, not a part of a Class VI school district, for the purpose of establishing such advisory committees. Representatives shall serve three-year terms.

The advisory committee shall provide advice and communication to the school board of such affiliated high school district regarding the high school program, facilities, and budget and the needs and concerns of students, parents, and taxpayers in the Class I school district or districts. Each advisory committee shall meet at least biannually with the school board and participate in good faith in those coordination requirements specified in section 79-716.

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