79-319. State Board of Education; additional powers; enumerated.

The State Board of Education has the authority to (1) provide for the education of and approve special educational facilities and programs provided in the public schools for children with disabilities, (2) act as the state's authority for the approval of all types of veterans educational programs and have jurisdiction over the administration and supervision of on-the-job and apprenticeship training, on-the-farm training, and flight training programs for veterans which are financially supported in whole or in part by the federal government, (3) supervise and administer any educational or training program established within the state by the federal government, except postsecondary education in approved colleges, (4) coordinate educational activities in the state that pertain to elementary and secondary education and such other educational programs as are placed by statute under the jurisdiction of the board, (5) administer any state or federal career and technical education laws and funding as directed, (6) receive and distribute according to law any money, commodities, goods, or services made available to the board from the state or federal government or from any other source and distribute money in accordance with the terms of any grant received, including the distribution of money from grants by the federal government to schools, preschools, day care centers, day care homes, nonprofit agencies, and political subdivisions of the state or institutions of learning not owned or exclusively controlled by the state or a political subdivision thereof, so long as no public funds of the state, any political subdivision, or any public corporation are added to such federal grants, (7) publish, from time to time, directories of schools and educators, pamphlets, curriculum guides, rules and regulations, handbooks on school constitution and other matters of interest to educators, and similar publications. Such publications may be distributed without charge to schools and school officials within this state or may be sold at a price not less than the actual cost of printing. The proceeds of such sale shall be remitted to the State Treasurer for credit to the State Department of Education Cash Fund which may be used by the State Department of Education for the purpose of printing and distributing further such publications on a nonprofit basis. Copies of such publications shall be provided to the Nebraska Publications Clearinghouse pursuant to section 51-413, and (8) when necessary for the proper administration of the functions of the department and with the approval of the Governor and the Department of Administrative Services, rent or lease space outside the State Capitol.

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