79-317. State Board of Education; meetings; open to public; exceptions; compensation and expenses.

(1) The State Board of Education shall meet regularly and periodically in the office of the State Department of Education at least four times annually and at such other times and places as it may determine necessary for the proper and efficient conduct of its duties. All meetings shall be called in accordance with this section and the Open Meetings Act. Five members of the board shall constitute a quorum.

(2) The public shall be admitted to all meetings of the State Board of Education except to such closed sessions as the board may direct in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. The board shall cause to be kept a record of all public meetings and proceedings of the board. The commissioner, or his or her designated representative, shall be present at all meetings except when the order of business for the board is the selection of a Commissioner of Education.

(3) The members of the State Board of Education shall receive no compensation for their services but shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred in attending meetings or incurred in the performance of duties as directed by the board as provided in sections 81-1174 to 81-1177.

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