79-305. Commissioner of Education; office; powers; duties.

The Commissioner of Education as the executive officer of the State Board of Education shall: (1) Have an office in the city of Lincoln in which shall be housed the records of the State Board of Education and the State Department of Education, which records shall be subject at all times to examination by the Governor, the Auditor of Public Accounts, and committees of the Legislature; (2) keep the board currently informed and advised on the operation and status of all aspects of the educational program of the state under its jurisdiction; (3) prepare a budget for financing the activities of the board and the department, including the internal operation and maintenance of the department, and upon approval by the board administer the same in accordance with appropriations by the Legislature; (4) voucher the expenses of the department according to the rules and regulations prescribed by the board; (5) be responsible for promoting the efficiency, welfare, and improvement in the school system in the state and for recommending to the board such policies, standards, rules, and regulations as may be necessary to attain these purposes; (6) promote educational improvement by (a) outlining and carrying out plans and conducting essential activities for the preparation of curriculum and other materials, (b) providing necessary supervisory and consultative services, (c) holding conferences of professional educators and other civic leaders, (d) conducting research, experimentation, and evaluation of school programs and activities, and (e) in other ways assisting in the development of effective education in the state; (7) issue teachers' certificates according to the provisions of law and the rules and regulations prescribed by the board; and (8) attend or, in case of necessity, designate a representative to attend all meetings of the board except when the order of business of the board is the selection of a Commissioner of Education. None of the duties prescribed in this section or in section 79-306 prevent the commissioner from exercising such other duties as in his or her judgment and with the approval of the board are necessary to the proper and legal exercise of his or her obligations.

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