79-281. Hearing; joint hearing; separate hearings; when.

(1) When more than one student is charged with violating the same rule and having acted in concert and when the facts are substantially the same for all such students, a single hearing requested under sections 79-268 and 79-269 may be conducted for such students as a group if the hearing examiner believes that a single hearing is not likely to result in confusion and that no student shall have his or her interests substantially prejudiced by a single hearing.

(2) If during the conduct of the hearing the hearing examiner finds that a student's interests will be substantially prejudiced by a group hearing or that the hearing is resulting in confusion, the hearing examiner may order a separate hearing for any student.

Source:Laws 1976, LB 503, § 25; Laws 1994, LB 1250, § 31; R.S.1943, (1994), § 79-4,194; Laws 1996, LB 900, § 85.