79-239. Application; request for release; rejection; notice; appeal.

If an application is rejected by the option school district or if the resident school district rejects a request for release under subsection (1) of section 79-237, the rejecting school district shall provide written notification to the parent or guardian stating the reasons for the rejection and the process for appealing such rejection to the State Board of Education. Such notification shall be sent by certified mail. The parent or legal guardian may appeal a rejection to the State Board of Education by filing a written request, together with a copy of the rejection notice, with the State Board of Education. Such request and copy of the notice must be received by the board within thirty days after the date the notification of the rejection was received by the parent or legal guardian. Such hearing shall be held in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act and shall determine whether the procedures of sections 79-234 to 79-241 have been followed.

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