79-235. Option students; treatment; building assignment.

For purposes of all duties, entitlements, and rights established by law, including special education as provided in section 79-1127, except as provided in section 79-241 and, for open enrollment option students, except as provided in section 79-235.01, option students shall be treated as resident students of the option school district. The option student may request a particular school building, but the building assignment of the option student shall be determined by the option school district except as provided in section 79-235.01 for open enrollment option students and in subsection (3) of section 79-2110 for students attending a focus school, focus program, or magnet school. In determining eligibility for extracurricular activities as defined in section 79-2,126, the option student shall be treated similarly to other students who transfer into the school from another public, private, denominational, or parochial school.

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