79-2,151. State Department of Education; model policy; contents.

On or before December 1, 2017, the State Department of Education may develop and distribute a model policy to encourage the educational success of pregnant and parenting students. At a minimum, such policy shall:

(1) Specifically identify procedures to anticipate and provide for student absences due to pregnancy and allow students to return to school and, if applicable, participate in extracurricular activities after pregnancy;

(2) Provide alternative methods to keep a pregnant or parenting student in school by allowing coursework to be accessed at home or accommodating tutoring visits, online courses, or a similar supplement to classroom attendance;

(3) Identify alternatives for accommodating lactation by providing students with private, hygienic spaces to express breast milk during the school day; and

(4) Establish a procedure for schools which do not have an in-school child care facility to assist student-parents by identifying child care providers for purposes of placing their children in child care facilities which, where possible, participate in the quality rating and improvement system and meet all of the quality rating criteria for at least a step-three rating pursuant to the Step Up to Quality Child Care Act and which collaborate with the school.

Source:Laws 2017, LB427, ยง 3.

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