79-1845. Money received by authority; deemed trust funds; investment.

All money received by the authority, whether as proceeds from the sale of bonds, from revenue, or otherwise, shall be deemed to be trust funds to be held and applied solely as provided in the Nebraska Elementary and Secondary School Finance Authority Act but, prior to the time when needed for use, may be invested to the extent and in the manner provided for the investment of public funds of the state under the laws then in effect. Such funds shall be deposited, held, and secured in accordance with the Public Funds Deposit Security Act, except to the extent provided otherwise in the resolution authorizing the issuance of the related bonds or in the trust agreement securing such bonds. The resolution authorizing the issuance of such bonds or the trust agreement securing such bonds shall provide that any officer to whom or any bank or trust company to which such money is entrusted shall act as trustee of such money and shall hold and apply the same for the purposes of the act, subject to the act, and of the authorizing resolution or trust agreement.

Source:Laws 1997, LB 809, ยง 45.

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