79-1605. Private, denominational, or parochial schools; inspection by public school official; when required.

The superintendent of the high school district and its affiliated territory in which any private, denominational, or parochial school is located, which school is not otherwise inspected by an area or diocesan representative holding a Nebraska certificate to administer, shall inspect such schools and report to the proper officers any evidence of failure to observe any of the provisions of sections 79-1601 to 79-1607. The Commissioner of Education, when in his or her judgment it is deemed advisable, may appoint a public school official other than such superintendent, including a member of the State Department of Education, for such inspections. Such appointee shall hold a Nebraska certificate to administer. The State Board of Education shall require the superintendents and appointed public school officials to make such inspections at least twice a year, and the school officers of such schools and the teachers giving instruction in such schools shall permit such inspection and assist and cooperate in the making of the same.

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