79-1246. Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council; duties; Open Meetings Act applicable.

(1) The Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council shall work toward statewide coordination to provide the most cost-effective services for the students, teachers, and school districts in each educational service unit. The council's duties include, but are not limited to:

(a) Preparation of strategic plans to assure the cost-efficient and equitable delivery of services across the state;

(b) Administration of statewide initiatives and provision of statewide services; and

(c) Coordination of distance education.

(2) All activities conducted by the council shall be conducted in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. This section does not require or provide for state control of the operations of any educational service unit or abridge the governance ability, rights, or responsibilities of any educational service unit board.

Source:Laws 2007, LB603, ยง 17.

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