79-1191. Legislative appropriation; department; provide grants to establish bridge programs.

The Legislature shall appropriate two hundred thousand dollars each fiscal year for three consecutive fiscal years beginning with FY2012-13 to the department from the Education Innovation Fund to provide grants to establish bridge programs. Such programs shall:

(1) Provide English reading and writing and math skills required to succeed in a postsecondary educational credentialing or degree program;

(2) Lead to the attainment of college credit and a recognized postsecondary educational credential or an industry-recognized credential;

(3) Be open only to low-income participants who are co-enrolled in adult education, developmental education, or English as a second language;

(4) Target the specific workforce needs of an occupational sector within the state and provide services aimed at improving education, skills, and employment prospects for low-income adults;

(5) Use educational best practices, including, but not limited to, contextualized instructional strategies, team teaching, modularized learning, or reduced student-teacher ratios; and

(6) Provide for supportive services needed for student educational and employment success, including, but not limited to, job coaching and personal needs.

Source:Laws 2012, LB1079, ยง 3.Termination Date: June 30, 2015