79-1128. Special education programs; school district; provide; manner; use of funds; failure to offer acceptable program; effect.

The special education programs required by section 79-1127 may be provided by any school district, by contracting with another school district or service agency, or by some combination of school districts, an educational service unit, combination of educational service units, the local or regional office of intellectual disability, any program approved by the State of Nebraska, or any combination thereof, except that only nonsectarian services shall be considered for approval by the State of Nebraska. Any program receiving funds under the Special Education Act shall not use such funds to match state funds under the provisions of other programs. The members of the school board of any school district not offering continuous special education programs acceptable to the State Board of Education shall be in violation of the law. No state funds shall be paid to any school district as long as such violation exists, but no deduction shall be made from any funds required by the Constitution of Nebraska to be paid to such district.

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