79-1125.01. Support services, defined.

Support services means preventive services for those children from birth to age twenty-one years and, if the child's twenty-first birthday occurs during the school year, until the end of that school year, not identified or verified as children with disabilities pursuant to sections 79-1118.01, 79-1138, and 79-1139 but demonstrating a need for specially designed assistance in order to benefit from the school district's general education curriculum and to avoid the need for potentially expensive special education placement and services. Support services include the educational services provided to a child pursuant to subdivision (10)(c) of section 79-215 by an interim-program school or an approved or accredited school maintained by a residential setting if such child has not been identified or verified as a child with a disability pursuant to sections 79-1118.01 and 79-1138 but demonstrates a need for specially designed assistance by residing in a residential setting described in subdivision (10)(a) of section 79-215.

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