79-11,127. Rehabilitation services; eligibility.

Vocational rehabilitation services shall be provided to any disabled individual, other than the blind, who is a resident of the state at the time of filing application therefor and whose vocational rehabilitation, as the director determines after a full investigation, can be satisfactorily achieved. Vocational rehabilitation services means any services provided directly or through public or private instrumentalities found by the director to be necessary to enable such a disabled individual to overcome his or her employment handicap and to enable him or her to engage in an occupation, including, but not limited to: Medical and vocational diagnosis; vocational guidance, counseling, and placement; rehabilitation training; physical restoration; transportation; occupational licenses; placement equipment and materials; maintenance and training books and materials; the acquisition of vending stands or other equipment and initial stocks and supplies for use by severely handicapped individuals in any type of small business, the operation of which will be improved through the management and supervision by the Division of Rehabilitation Services; and the establishment of public and other nonprofit workshops for the severely disabled.

Source:Laws 1955, c. 324, § 7, p. 1004; R.S.1943, (1994), § 79-1452; Laws 1996, LB 900, § 909.

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