Nebraska Revised Statute 79-11,123

Chapter 79 Section 11,123


Division; rehabilitation services; furnish; exceptions.

Except as otherwise provided by law for the rehabilitation of the blind, the State Board of Education through the Division of Rehabilitation Services shall provide vocational rehabilitation services to disabled individuals determined by the director to be eligible for such services. In carrying out the purposes of sections 79-11,121 to 79-11,132, the division is authorized among other things:

(1) To cooperate with other departments, agencies, and institutions, both public and private, in providing for the vocational rehabilitation of disabled individuals, in studying the problems involved, and in establishing, developing, and providing, in conformity with the purposes of such sections, such programs, facilities, and services as may be necessary and desirable; and

(2) To conduct research and compile statistics relating to the vocational rehabilitation of disabled individuals.


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Cross References

  • Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired Act, see section 71-8601.