79-1090. Failure to approve budget; superintendent of primary high school district; duties.

When a school board of any class of school district fails to approve a school district budget on or before the date required by subsection (1) of section 13-508, the superintendent of the primary high school district shall prepare and file a budget document in accordance with the Nebraska Budget Act for the school district's general fund and for each other fund for which the district budgeted in the immediately preceding fiscal year. The document shall use the total budget of expenditures and cash reserves from the immediately preceding school fiscal year, except that in no case shall the budget of expenditures or cash reserves exceed any limits prescribed in the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act or other state laws. The superintendent shall also estimate the revenue from sources other than property tax for each fund in accordance with subdivision (1)(c) of section 13-504 and section 79-1022.

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