79-1085. Class IV school district; board of education; budget estimate and statement; tax levy; authorized.

The board of education of a Class IV school district, on or before September 20 of each year, shall make or cause to be made and report to the county board an estimate of the amount of funds required for the fiscal year next ensuing: (1) For the payment of interest on bonds issued by the district; (2) to provide a sinking fund for the payment of bonds issued by the district; (3) to provide for the purchase and betterment of school sites and the remodeling, erection, and equipment, but not replacement, of buildings, new and old; (4) to provide the necessary funds, premiums, contributions, and expenses in connection with a retirement, annuity, insurance, or other benefit plan adopted by the board of education for its present and future employees after their retirement, or any reasonable classification thereof; and (5) to provide for the support of schools, being the running expenses and miscellaneous and all other expenses for such year.

The estimate shall be accompanied by a budget statement prepared in accordance with good accounting practices and showing probable revenue from all sources, expenditures, and available balances upon which such estimate was based. The estimate and the budget statement may include such items as the board of education deems necessary to maintain adequate working balances of cash at all times and to take into account the expenses and delays in the collection of taxes. The county board shall levy the rate of tax necessary to provide the amounts so reported by the board of education and collect such taxes in like manner as other taxes are levied and collected.

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