79-1084. Class III school district; school board; budget; tax; levy; publication of expenditures; violation; penalty; duty of county board.

The school board of a Class III school district shall annually, on or before September 20, report in writing to the county board and, for years prior to 2017, the learning community coordinating council if the school district is a member of a learning community the entire revenue raised by taxation and all other sources and received by the school board for the previous school fiscal year and a budget for the ensuing school fiscal year broken down generally as follows: (1) The amount of funds required for the support of the schools during the ensuing school fiscal year; (2) the amount of funds required for the purchase of school sites; (3) the amount of funds required for the erection of school buildings; (4) the amount of funds required for the payment of interest upon all bonds issued for school purposes; and (5) the amount of funds required for the creation of a sinking fund for the payment of such indebtedness. The secretary shall publish, within ten days after the filing of such budget, a copy of the fund summary pages of the budget one time at the legal rate prescribed for the publication of legal notices in a legal newspaper published in and of general circulation in such city or village or, if none is published in such city or village, in a legal newspaper of general circulation in the city or village. The secretary of the school board failing or neglecting to comply with this section shall be deemed guilty of a Class V misdemeanor and, in the discretion of the court, the judgment of conviction may provide for the removal from office of such secretary for such failure or neglect. For Class III school districts that are not members of a learning community, the county board shall levy and collect such taxes as are necessary to provide the amount of revenue from property taxes as indicated by all the data contained in the budget and the certificate prescribed by this section, at the time and in the manner provided in section 77-1601.

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