79-1051. Flood control funds; apportionment by Commissioner of Education.

The distribution of the funds received by the State Treasurer under section 79-1049 shall be made based upon information provided by the United States Department of the Interior under the direction of the Commissioner of Education in the following manner:

(1) The State Treasurer shall annually on the first Monday in July certify to the commissioner the amount of money received from the United States Government as Nebraska's proportionate share of the income from the leasing of lands acquired by the United States for flood control purposes; and

(2) The commissioner shall, on or before August 5, make apportionment of such fund to the counties entitled thereto in accordance with section 79-1050 and certify the apportionment of each county to the county treasurer of the proper county and to the Director of Administrative Services. The director shall draw a warrant on the State Treasurer in favor of the various counties for the amount specified by the commissioner.

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