79-1035. School funds; apportionment by Commissioner of Education; basis.

(1)(a) The State Treasurer shall, each year on or before the third Monday in January, make a complete exhibit of all money belonging to the permanent school fund and the temporary school fund as returned to him or her from the several counties, together with the amount derived from other sources, and deliver such exhibit duly certified to the Commissioner of Education.

(b) Beginning in 2016 and each year thereafter, the exhibit required in subdivision (1)(a) of this section shall include a separate accounting, not to exceed an amount of ten million dollars, of the income from solar and wind agreements on school lands. The amount of income from solar and wind agreements on school lands shall be used to fund the grants described in section 79-308. The Board of Educational Lands and Funds shall provide the State Treasurer with the information necessary to make the exhibit required by this subsection. Separate accounting shall not be made for income from solar or wind agreements on school lands that exceeds the sum of ten million dollars.

(2) On or before February 25 following receipt of the exhibit from the State Treasurer pursuant to subsection (1) of this section, the Commissioner of Education shall make the apportionment of the temporary school fund to each school district as follows: From the whole amount, less the amount of income from solar and wind agreements on school lands, there shall be paid to those districts in which there are school or saline lands, which lands are used for a public purpose, an amount in lieu of tax money that would be raised if such lands were taxable, to be fixed in the manner prescribed in section 79-1036; and the remainder shall be apportioned to the districts according to the pro rata enumeration of children who are five through eighteen years of age in each district last returned from the school district. The calculation of apportionment for each school fiscal year shall include any corrections to the prior school fiscal year's apportionment.

(3) The Commissioner of Education shall certify the amount of the apportionment of the temporary school fund as provided in subsection (2) of this section to the Director of Administrative Services. The Director of Administrative Services shall draw a warrant on the State Treasurer in favor of the various districts for the respective amounts so certified by the Commissioner of Education.

(4) For purposes of this section, agreement means any lease, easement, covenant, or other such contractual arrangement.

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