79-1018.01. Local system formula resources; other actual receipts included.

Except as otherwise provided in this section, local system formula resources include other actual receipts available for the funding of general fund operating expenditures as determined by the department for the second school fiscal year immediately preceding the school fiscal year in which aid is to be paid. Other actual receipts include:

(1) Public power district sales tax revenue;

(2) Fines and license fees;

(3) Tuition receipts from individuals, other districts, or any other source except receipts derived from adult education, receipts derived from summer school tuition, receipts derived from early childhood education tuition, tuition receipts from converted contracts beginning with the calculation of state aid to be distributed in school fiscal year 2011-12, and receipts from educational entities as defined in section 79-1201.01 for providing distance education courses through the Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council to such educational entities;

(4) Transportation receipts;

(5) Interest on investments;

(6) Other miscellaneous noncategorical local receipts, not including receipts from private foundations, individuals, associations, or charitable organizations;

(7) Special education receipts;

(8) Special education receipts and non-special education receipts from the state for wards of the court and wards of the state;

(9) All receipts from the temporary school fund. Receipts from the temporary school fund shall only include (a) receipts pursuant to section 79-1035 and (b) the receipt of funds pursuant to section 79-1036 for property leased for a public purpose as set forth in subdivision (1)(a) of section 77-202;

(10) Motor vehicle tax receipts received;

(11) Pro rata motor vehicle license fee receipts;

(12) Other miscellaneous state receipts excluding revenue from the textbook loan program authorized by section 79-734;

(13) Impact aid entitlements for the school fiscal year which have actually been received by the district to the extent allowed by federal law;

(14) All other noncategorical federal receipts;

(15) Receipts under the federal Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988, as such act existed on January 1, 2014, as authorized pursuant to sections 43-2510 and 43-2511 for services to school-age children, excluding amounts designated as reimbursement for costs associated with the implementation and administration of the billing system pursuant to section 43-2511;

(16) Receipts for accelerated or differentiated curriculum programs pursuant to sections 79-1106 to 79-1108.03; and

(17) Revenue received from the nameplate capacity tax distributed pursuant to section 77-6204.

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