79-1009.01. Converted contract option students; department; calculations; notice to applicant district.

For school fiscal years prior to school fiscal year 2027-28, a district which will have converted contract option students shall apply to the department on a form approved by the department within fifteen days after April 27, 2011, for converted contract option students for school fiscal year 2011-12 and on or before November 1 of the calendar year preceding the beginning of all other school fiscal years for which there will be converted contract option students. The department shall determine the amount of tuition receipts from converted contracts to be excluded from the calculation of local system formula resources for each of the first two school fiscal years for which the converted contract will not be in effect and shall determine the number of converted contract option students to be attributed to the receiving district in the calculation of state aid for the first school fiscal year for which the converted contract will not be in effect, and the same number shall be attributed as optioning out of the resident school district. In the final calculation of state aid pursuant to section 79-1065, students that were attributed as optioning into or out of a district shall be replaced with the actual number from fall membership. The department shall notify the applicant district within thirty days after receipt of the completed application.

Source:Laws 2011, LB235, ยง 15.