79-10,122. Class I school district; schoolhouse; site; facilities; tax; election; special fund; establish; restriction.

A tax to establish a special fund for the purpose of erection or repair of a schoolhouse and equipment or the building, and purchasing existing buildings for use as school buildings, including the sites upon which such buildings are located, hiring, or purchasing of a teacherage for the purpose of providing housing facilities for the school employees of any Class I school district may be levied when authorized by fifty-five percent of the legal voters voting on the proposition. The notice of the proposal to establish the special fund shall include the sum to be raised or the amount of the tax to be levied, the period of years, and the time of its taking effect. The tax shall be subject to the restrictions of section 79-10,124 as to maximum amount and term. If fifty-five percent of the legal voters voting at any such election vote in favor thereof, the result of such election shall be certified to the county board which, upon being satisfied that all the requirements have been substantially complied with, shall enter the proceedings upon the record of the county board and shall make an order that the levy be made and collected as other taxes.

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