77-5904. Tax credit; application; contents; advisory committee.

(1) The Department of Revenue shall accept applications for tax credits from taxpayers who are actively engaged in the operation of a microbusiness or who will establish a microbusiness that they will actively operate within the current or subsequent tax year. Applications shall be filed by November 1 and shall be complete by December 1 of each calendar year. Any application that is filed after November 1 or that is not complete on December 1 shall be considered to be filed during the following calendar year.

(2) The department may convene an advisory committee of individuals with expertise in small business development, lending, and community development to evaluate applications and advise the department in authorizing tentative tax credits.

(3) The application shall be on a form developed by the department and shall contain:

(a) A description of the microbusiness;

(b) The projected income and expenditures;

(c) The market to be served by the microbusiness and the way the expansion addresses the market;

(d) The amount of projected investment or employment increase that would generate the credit;

(e) The projected improvement in income or creation of new self-employment or other jobs;

(f) The nature of the applicant's engagement in the operation of the microbusiness; and

(g) Other documents, plans, and specifications as required by the department.

Source:Laws 2005, LB 312, § 69; Laws 2007, LB223, § 32; Laws 2017, LB217, § 26.