Nebraska Revised Statute 77-3,115

Chapter 77


Material for developing tax policy changes; study; contents.

The Department of Revenue shall gather, prepare, and study material which shall be used as a basis for developing tax policy changes. The material shall be directed toward providing results which would be useful to a concept of analyzing the impact of taxes on different economic sectors as defined by the Standard Industrial Code in the state and the impact on those sectors of any policy changes in taxes. The study shall be updated to serve as a basis to review future proposed tax policy changes. The study shall include, but not be restricted to, the following:

(1) Compiling an accurate and dependable set of indicators that show the role each economic sector plays in Nebraska's economy and each sector's legal tax incidence by tax types. The purpose is to develop an appropriate share for each economic sector's responsibility for state and local taxes;

(2) The amount of taxes, fees, and other governmental costs imposed on each economic sector which amount shall include those taxes, fees, and other governmental costs imposed on individuals employed in industries in such sector; and

(3) If possible, an estimate of those state and local taxes, fees, and other governmental costs which are exported outside the state or offset by provisions of state and federal tax laws.


  • Laws 1992, LB 719A, § 217.