Nebraska Revised Statute 77-27,158

Chapter 77


Board; meetings; duty.

The Nebraska Economic Forecasting Advisory Board shall meet during the months of February and October of each year and during April of each odd-numbered year for the purpose of developing a consensus projection of economic activity in Nebraska. When determined to be necessary to conduct the duties of the board, additional meetings may be held at the call of the chairperson of the board, by a joint call of the Governor and the chairperson of the board, or by a joint call of the chairperson of the Executive Board of the Legislative Council and the chairperson of the board. Notice of all meetings shall be given at least ten days in advance. The board may estimate growth or decline in the state unemployment rate, gross state product, statewide personal income, and such other indices of state economic activity as the board may deem appropriate. The board shall provide an advisory forecast of General Fund receipts.


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