77-27,149. Terms, defined.

As used in sections 77-27,149 to 77-27,155 unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Facility shall mean any system, equipment or apparatus, or disposal system, including disposal wells, or any treatment works, appliance, equipment, machinery or installation constructed, used or placed in operation primarily for the purpose of reducing, controlling or eliminating air or water pollution caused by industrial or agricultural waste, including the generation of electricity; Provided, that facilities such as air conditioners, dust collectors, filters, fans, and similar facilities designed, constructed or installed solely for the benefit of the person for whom installed or the personnel of such person, and facilities designed or installed for the reduction or control of automobile exhaust emissions shall not be deemed air pollution control facilities for purposes of this subdivision;

(2) Industrial or agricultural waste shall mean any liquid, gaseous or solid waste substance resulting from any process of industry, manufacture, trade or business, including the generation of electricity, or from the development, processing or recovery of any paper or wood which is capable of polluting the air or waters of this state;

(3) Treatment works shall mean any plant, pumping station, incinerator, air pollution abatement equipment or installation, or other works or reservoir used primarily for the purpose of abating, treating, stabilizing, isolating or holding industrial or agricultural waste; and

(4) Disposal system shall mean any system used primarily for disposing of or isolating industrial or agricultural water and shall include pipelines or conduits, pumping stations and force mains, and all other constructions, devices, appurtenances and facilities used for collecting or conducting air-borne or water-borne industrial or agricultural waste to a point of disposal, treatment or isolation except that which is necessary to the manufacture of products.

Source:Laws 1972, LB 716, § 1; Laws 1974, LB 820, § 3.