Nebraska Revised Statute 77-27,142.01

Chapter 77


Incorporated municipalities; sales and use tax; modification; election required, when.

(1) The governing body of any incorporated municipality may submit the question of changing any terms and conditions of a sales and use tax previously authorized under section 77-27,142. Except as otherwise provided by section 77-27,142, the question of modification shall be submitted to the voters at any primary or general election or at a special election if the governing body submits a certified copy of the resolution proposing modification to the election commissioner or county clerk within the time prior to the primary, general, or special election prescribed in section 77-27,142.02.

(2) If the change imposes a sales and use tax at a rate greater than one and one-half percent or increases the sales and use tax to a rate greater than one and one-half percent, the question shall include, but not be limited to:

(a) The percentage increase of one-quarter percent or one-half percent in the sales and use tax rate;

(b) A list of reductions or elimination of other taxes or fees, if any;

(c) A description of the projects to be funded, in whole or in part, from the revenue collected, along with any savings or efficiencies resulting from the projects;

(d) The year or years within which the revenue will be collected and, if bonds will be issued with some or all of the revenue pledged for payment of such bonds, a statement that the revenue will be collected until the payment in full of such bonds and any refunding bonds; and

(e)(i) The percentage of revenue collected to be used for the purposes of the interlocal agreement or joint public agency agreement as provided in subdivision (2)(b)(i) or subsection (3) of section 77-27,142; (ii) a statement of the overall purpose of the agreement which is the long-term development of unified governance of public infrastructure projects, if applicable; and (iii) the name of any other political subdivision which is a party to the agreement.

This subsection does not apply to the first one and one-half percent of a sales and use tax imposed by a municipality.