77-27,117. Income tax; prosecution for violation of act; limitation; Attorney General; concurrent jurisdiction.

Any prosecution under income tax provisions of the Nebraska Revenue Act of 1967 shall be instituted within three years after the commission of the offense, except that the period of limitation shall be four years for the offenses described in sections 77-27,113, 77-27,115, and 77-27,116. The failure to do any act required by or under the income tax provisions of such act shall be deemed an act committed in part at the principal office of the Tax Commissioner. Any prosecution may be conducted in any county where the person or corporation to whose liability the proceeding relates resides, or has a place of business or in any county in which such crime is committed. The Attorney General shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the county attorney in the prosecution of offenses.

Source:Laws 1967, c. 487, § 117, p. 1627; Laws 2006, LB 1003, § 7.