77-1401. Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 77-1401 to 77-1409:

(1) Account means an achieving a better life experience account established under the program for the purposes of funding future qualified disability expenses of a designated beneficiary;

(2) Contracting state means a state without a qualified program which has entered into a contract with a state with a qualified program to provide residents of the contracting state access to a qualified program;

(3) Designated administrator means any corporation or other entity whose powers and privileges are provided for in any general or special law, whether for profit or not, designated or retained by the State Treasurer for the purpose of administering, subject to the ongoing supervision of the State Treasurer, all or any portion of the investment, marketing, record-keeping, administrative, or other functions of the program;

(4) Designated beneficiary means the individual with a disability named as the beneficiary of an account;

(5) Individual with a disability means an individual who is an eligible individual as defined under section 529A;

(6) Program means the qualified program established by the State Treasurer as provided in section 77-1402 and administered by the State Treasurer and, to the extent so delegated or contracted by the State Treasurer, one or more designated administrators;

(7) Qualified disability expenses means any expenses related to the blindness or disability of the individual with a disability which are made for the benefit of an individual who is the designated beneficiary, including education, housing, transportation, employment training and support, assistive technology and personal support services, health, prevention, and wellness, financial management and administrative services, legal fees, expenses for oversight and monitoring, and funeral and burial expenses; and other expenses which are approved under regulations promulgated under section 529A;

(8) Qualified program means a qualified ABLE program as defined under section 529A; and

(9) Section 529A means section 529A of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and any regulations promulgated thereunder.

Source:Laws 2015, LB591, ยง 1.