77-1249. Taxation of air carriers; tax rate; appeal.

The Property Tax Administrator shall, on or before January 15 each year, establish a tax rate for purposes of taxation against the taxable value as provided in section 77-1248 at a rate which shall be equal to the total property taxes levied in the state divided by the total taxable value of all taxable property in the state as certified pursuant to section 77-1613.01. The date when such tax rate is determined shall be deemed to be the levy date for the property. The Property Tax Administrator shall send to each air carrier a statement showing the taxable value, the tax rate, and the amount of the tax and a statement that the tax is due and payable to the Property Tax Administrator on January 31 next following the levy thereof. If an air carrier feels aggrieved, such carrier may, on or before February 15, file an appeal with the Tax Commissioner. The Tax Commissioner shall act upon the appeal and shall issue a written order mailed to the carrier within seven days after the date of the order. The order may be appealed within thirty days after the date of the order to the Tax Equalization and Review Commission in accordance with section 77-5013.

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