77-1110. Qualified equity investment, defined.

(1) Qualified equity investment means any equity investment in, or long-term debt security issued by, a qualified community development entity that:

(a) Is acquired after January 1, 2012, at its original issuance solely in exchange for cash;

(b) Has at least eighty-five percent of its cash purchase price used by the issuer to make qualified low-income community investments in qualified active low-income community businesses located in this state by the first anniversary of the initial credit allowance date;

(c) Is designated by the issuer as a qualified equity investment; and

(d) Is certified by the Tax Commissioner as not exceeding the limitation contained in section 77-1115.

(2) The term includes any qualified equity investment that does not meet the requirements of subdivision (1)(a) of this section if such investment was a qualified equity investment in the hands of a prior holder.

Source:Laws 2012, LB1128, ยง 10.