76-874.01. Payments to escrow account; use.

(a) The association may require a person who purchases a unit on or after September 6, 2013, to make payments into an escrow account established by the association until the balance in the escrow account for that unit is in an amount not to exceed six months of assessments.

(b) All payments made under this section and received on or after September 6, 2013, shall be held in an interest-bearing checking account in a bank, savings bank, building and loan association, or savings and loan association in this state under terms that place these payments beyond the claim of creditors of the association. Upon request by a unit owner, an association shall disclose the name of the financial institution and the account number where the payments made under this section are being held. An association may maintain a single escrow account to hold payments made under this section from all of the unit owners. If a single escrow account is maintained, the association shall maintain separate accounting records for each unit owner.

(c) The payments made under this section may be used by the association to satisfy any assessments attributable to a unit owner for which assessment payments are delinquent. To the extent that the escrow deposit or any part thereof is applied to offset any unpaid assessments of a unit owner, the association may require such owner to replenish the escrow deposit.

(d) The association shall return the payments made under this section, together with any interest earned on such payments, to the unit owner when the owner sells the unit and has fully paid all assessments.

(e) Nothing in this section shall prohibit the association from establishing escrow deposit requirements in excess of the amounts authorized in this section pursuant to provisions in the association's declaration.

Source:Laws 2013, LB442, ยง 6.