76-860. Unit owners association; powers.

(a) Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section and subject to the provisions of the declaration, the association, even if unincorporated, may:

(1) Adopt and amend bylaws and rules and regulations;

(2) Adopt and amend budgets for revenue, expenditures, and reserves and collect assessments for common expenses from unit owners;

(3) Hire and discharge managing agents and other employees, agents, and independent contractors;

(4) Institute or intervene as a plaintiff in litigation or administrative proceedings, other than litigation or administrative proceedings to enforce covenants, bylaws, or rules against unit owners or the unit owners association, in its own name on behalf of itself or two or more unit owners on matters affecting the condominium upon the affirmative vote of at least eighty percent of the votes in the association exclusive of the declarant;

(5) Make contracts and incur liabilities;

(6) Regulate the use, maintenance, repair, replacement, and modification of common elements;

(7) Cause additional improvements to be made as a part of the common elements;

(8) Acquire, hold, encumber, and convey in its own name any right, title, or interest to real or personal property, but common elements may be encumbered, conveyed, or subjected to a security interest only pursuant to section 76-870;

(9) Grant easements, leases, licenses, and concessions through or over the common elements;

(10) Impose and receive any payments, fees, or charges for the use, rental, or operation of the common elements, other than limited common elements described in subdivisions (2) and (4) of section 76-839, and for services provided to unit owners;

(11) Impose charges for late payment of assessments and, after notice and opportunity to be heard, levy reasonable fines for violations of the declaration, bylaws, and rules and regulations for the association;

(12) Impose reasonable charges for the preparation and recordation of amendments to the declaration, resale statements required by section 76-884, or statements of unpaid assessments;

(13) Provide for the indemnification of its officers and executive board and maintain directors' and officers' liability insurance;

(14) Assign its right to future income, including the right to receive common expense assessments, but only to the extent the declaration expressly so provides;

(15) Exercise any other powers conferred by the declaration or bylaws;

(16) Exercise all other powers that may be exercised in this state by legal entities of the same type as the association; and

(17) Exercise any other powers necessary and proper for the governance and operation of the association.

(b) The declaration may not impose limitations on the power of the association to deal with the declarant which are more restrictive than the limitations imposed on the power of the association to deal with other persons.

Source:Laws 1983, LB 433, § 36; Laws 1984, LB 1105, § 7; Laws 2020, LB808, § 46.